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Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate Scams
You don’t want to go here – way to uncertain.
Please look for something else and leave these programs where they belong – in your trash!

… there’s plenty of other choices out there!

Scam & Untrustworthy Programs

There are a lot of great opportunities out there to make money with affiliate programs. But there are programs and products that are just plain BAD – DISHONEST would be a better description!
Ones that prove to be vehicles for the owners to do nothing more than make more than a few bucks for themselves off your hard earned dollars and time, and not proving to be anything aside from that – like holding a “carrot” out in front of you, with grand statements of earnings and results that are absolutely false just to “take you in”.

You want to be sure to do your homework and research these before putting down one red cent.
Look for opinions from credible sources, videos and forums.

Go through some search results to form an initial and general impression on the company or product, and determine if you want to delve deeper into it or move onto another product. Look for reviews, but also read the comments left by people who have actually had experience with the program – cross examine the feedback! It should be evident which are being hyped, and which are the honest remarks.


Have realistic expectations and don’t be fooled by the hype!
If it sounds to good to be true, it almost always is! … don’t be taken in by this.



There are no “membership fees” in legitimate affiliate programs
Avoid the hype
Learn the basics of affiliate marketing before you make the decision to get involved
If you decide that you want to invest, you should absolutely look for warning signs of someone selling a dream vs. actual information.

Some potential red flags might be:

  • promises of money (and usually a lot) without much hard work or time involvement
  • pictures of lavish cars and other “proof” of an insanely lavish lifestyle
  • pictures of earnings with no explanation of where those earnings came from aside from “affiliate commissions”
  • anything stated as a “fool proof system”


Some more thoughts on avoiding scams can be found here

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