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Follow The Exact Steps I

and Many Others Use to

Build A Profitable Business Online


No Program Is Perfect …  but, Wealthy Affiliate

Continues To Receive My All-Time Highest Rating

Of 9.7 Out Of 10

Plus, It’s Recently Become Absolutely FREE To Join.

Program Review


I’ve been online since 1995 – can’t believe where the time has gone!
From about 2005 I have been actively seeking out ways to make money from home.  I amJB someone where the usual 9-to-5 routine just will not work for me.

People ask all the time…

“Can I really make money online… or is everything I see out there all scams?”

As someone who has been searching for years for the real thing, I can honestly say that just about every single program I have either seen, tried or reviewed, to some degree has “hype” – there are very few that actually live up to it!

Most of them are based on only bits of truth, and sometimes even outright lies.

I’ve been so disgusted by this that it was the primary reason for starting APR.
I want to expose these programs/people, and try to protect folks like you and me from all the online scam artists.

I try to thoroughly research these programs and actively enroll in those I can, so I can gain the “first hand” experience needed to evaluate them properly.

My findings?

Most programs are dirty rotten ploys to steal your money,  and can’t help you work from home as advertised in their promotions. Period!


BUT… everything is not lost!


… I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but I have discovered a program that
actually “delivered on its promise” and actually works as advertised.


WOW – Imagine that!


a program that lays out in a simple step-by-step format to making money from home, using either your computer, an iPad or laptop.

When you stumble onto a program that actually comes thru on its promises, it’s time to take notice!

So… what’s the program I rank as #1 you ask?
… it’s called:


The Wealthy Affiliate University


Here’s my experience with this different “one of a kind” work-from-home program, and how you can get started today absolutely free:

I first joined Wealthy Affiliate with the intention of just checking it out. I was offered a free membership so I took advantage of it, and soon discovered something unusual – “truth in advertising”!
WOW – was that rare! … and refreshing!

To my surprise, my quick little tour of the program became much more.
I took the time to go thru everything WA had to offer. I read thru lessons and tutorials, engaged in conversation with other members, asked questions; I even decided to opt for the free websites they give out – still wanting to “test the waters”.


I Was So Impressed – My Search Was Finally Over!


… I continue to this day to be a proud member of the supportive Wealthy Affiliate community.

You don’t have to take my word for it – you can join me and find out for free, for yourself! You can be the judge, and I can promise you will NOT be disappointed! You will quickly find why I rate this program #1.


So How Does Wealthy Affiliate Help Me Work From Home?


Do what you love – and – love what you do!
… remember the saying: “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!”
Thru clear and concise step-by-step training and classes, I was taught how I could make money doing what I want – doing the things I love.

Everything needed to start & run a business is here!
From website creation to lessons & tutorials, to community connections and guidance from those who are EXPERIENCED in promotion and what it takes to be SUCCESSFUL.

Your Passion can truly become your Business
Here’s just one example:

Daniel LOVES Surfing – he is passionate about it.
So what’s the perfect business for him to get into? Surfing of course!
… and how can he make money from – those links you see earn Daniel money every time they are either clicked on, or when someone purchases anything thru those links – pretty “cool” huh!

Your Work Your Passion


I had been given “The Keys” to create a successful Work At Home business

Make Money with WA

… and you can do the same!


The Positives

  • Step-by-step training covering all the aspects of making money online, presented in an “easy-to-follow” format. The information is always current and you also have the ability to get help from all of WA community.
  • As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free website, along with the use of some great tools that will make it QUICK and EASY for you to create your website.
  • There is some really great training and video tutorials, along with weekly live trainings and a lot of help in discussions. I cannot say enough about the amount of terrific information there is, but also the spirit of the other members – it’s unique!
  • Access to One-on-One coaching
  • Great Support
  • You’re joining a community. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program that teaches you step-by-step how to make money online, and all aspects of website creation and marketing.
  • Surround yourself with good company – JOIN Wealthy Affiliate Today!


Here are just a couple of comments from the many thousands that users write
about Wealthy Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials




If I can impress upon you just one thing, it would be the fact that you can now try Wealthy Affiliate totally

Risk-Free and For Free!
… it used to cost $47/month to try out this program – not any more!

That financial barrier is gone!

Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, have recently made it 100% free to try out their proven program, and I don’t want you to pass up an opportunity like that!

So how does WA make their money?

Wealthy Affiliate does offer a Premium Membership if you choose, but I suggest you sign up for the Free Account and check everything out first.


The 3 SIMPLE Steps to Getting Started Today for Free
… it’s totally risk-free!

… create your Free Account – here’s how:

Step 1:  Click the button below and enter your name and email address
Step 2:  Pick your username and password on the next page
Step 3:  Jump right into the “Getting Started Training”

Create Your WA Account

I sure hope you take advantage of this opportunity; I know it can change your life the way it has changed mine.

– JB


Our #1 Top Rated Program


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