Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?  … or is it to involved for newcomers!

We won’t go into the “how to’s” quite yet; you can find that information on the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners page. What we will explore now is, whether it is a realistic method for making money for the average person – the Beginner.  So, is affiliate marketing for beginners?
A resounding YES!

Affiliate Marketing

I could bet everything I have that a lot of people wish they could get into some type of internet marketing, but don’t because they believe it to be way too difficult to learn and earn.



Anyone Can Do This!   … and it’s not as hard as you think.


The only requirement is that you:

  1. have the desire
  2. you stick with it
  3. you have a good mentor
  4. you have the right platform and support

… that’s it!


Let’s take a closer look at some of the necessary attributes of a successful affiliate marketer.


Point #1 – You have to understand that nothing will work without the desire, period. No elaboration necessary.


Point #2 – Building an online affiliate business takes time and commitment and it will not succeed unless you have, not only the desire, but the drive to carry it thru.  This means “sticking with it” and not giving up.
Many times folks have put their dreams aside because they expect immediate success.  It takes time to build a business on a strong foundation that will last for years and years.  Some have quit when success was literally right around the corner – I’ve seen it happen!

If you do not have the first two points in-check, you might as well stop right here and find another way to earn money because it just won’t work.  Affiliate Marketing (or any online business for that matter) can provide a wonderful way of life, but it doesn’t happen on it’s own and it is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme – it’s a real and solid opportunity to earn a living online.
You’ve got to put in the effort!  Anything worthwhile takes work.


Point #3 – You’ve got to align yourself with someone who knows what they are doing and can teach you the proper way to go about this.  As with anything, a good teacher can make ALL the difference.  This is especially important when dealing with Google and getting ranked!  You really have to be on page one of Google to get the kind of traffic you need to be a success, so you have to follow proper protocol.  You can read about my choice as the #1 recommended affiliate training & community online.


Point #4 – Having the right platform for success.  You could do affiliate marketing without a website using pay-per-click (there is a post about PPC and review I have that tells about doing just that), but I don’t suggest that.  To really be a lasting, residual based affiliate business, you absolutely need a website.  But don’t fret and worry – it’s really quite easy to build a basic site.  I can even show you how to get a couple of Free Sites with support!


There you have it!
So, is affiliate marketing for beginners?  I think you’ve got your answer – Absolutely Yes
… don’t be afraid to give it a try!  

Average people are making a nice living online with Affiliate Marketing!