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 Empower Network Review


One of the most commented about Affiliate Programs out there!
Empower Network
: Empower Network
Price: $25/mth basic, $100/mth inner circle, $19 payment, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15K Formula, $3,500 Master’s Retreat
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 3 out of 10 points

Lots of money has been made by the owners off the backs of hard working affiliates.

For starters, all you have to do is check them out with the Better Business Bureau.  You will find that they have been given a rating of “D” by the BBB, and the list of complaints is very very long!

One begins to wonder from the outset the legitimacy of this company.  Take the time to read about the horror stories, but know that what you find is only a small percentage of  its “ripped-off” customers.

(from the BBB site)
Refund and Exchange Policy
There is a strict 3-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase. Therefore, we will not accept return requests after 3-days of doing business.


What kind of honorable company gives only a 3 day return?
That’s another tip-off.  DON’T do business with anyone who gives return policies like this!
Most offer 30 days.


Empower Network BBB






As you can see, anyone looking at this can conclude that they shouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole!


Consumer Complaints for Empower Network, LLC – West Coast Florida BBB

David Wood & David Sharpe (owners) are having a good life while sapping the financial life out of its unsuspecting members!

Empower Network Banned

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About the Author:

Thanks for stopping by!I've been online since the late 1980's. I remember my first computer was an Apple IIGS ... hahaha, those were the days!... now I help people to create a successful affiliate business of their own; allowing for more time freedom and financial security. There's nothing more rewarding than working for yourself!


  1. Greg February 24, 2015 at 11:05 am - Reply

    Finally they have taken action to stop more people getting ripped off by empower network. It’s been allowed to go on far too long.

    I’m hoping that the Davids get their just desserts and thrown in jail.

    Cheers for the review. I will be sure to use the Better Business Bureau from now on as I had not heard about them before.


    • Joanne February 24, 2015 at 1:17 pm - Reply

      Hi Greg
      … thanks for stopping by!

      Unfortunately, there are people out there who care only about themselves and don’t mind hurting and stealing from others to get what they’re after. We must always do our homework and research anything we’re interested in getting involved in – sad part too is, I’m sure they sleep well at night – no conscience!
      Hopefully, they will get their “just rewards”!

  2. Vanessa January 31, 2015 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Hi Joanne
    You are so right about Empower Network, more like an unscrupulous network. There is nothing empowering about this, but merely the people at the top filling their pockets from the hype that others are buying into. it’s absolutely shameful what they do.

    • Joanne January 31, 2015 at 7:40 pm - Reply

      You really have to keep your eyes out for scammers; or as I like to call them, thieves.
      … unfortunately

      Thanks Vanessa!

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