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CB Tag Clouds –

CB Tag CloudsAn ingenious way of presenting ClickBank affiliate links in a tag cloud form.  These tags link randomly to one of the Top 10 Best Selling products in Clickbank automatically – no need for you to do anything since everything is on auto-pilot.

Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10
Price: $47 year
Owners: Tim Brechbill
Website: http://cbtagclouds.com/



This is ingenius!

CB Tag Clouds finds the best selling products on Clickbank in the most successful categories, and places them in a tag cloud that your visitor will have no hesitation clicking on. CB Tag Cloud searches the CB Marketplace for only the best keywords in every category and delivers them up automatically wherever and whenever they are placed on your site.

Clickbank has delivered over 1.5 billion dollars in affiliate commissions – why not take advantage of a new and different method of marketing?

Every time a visitor lands on a page with cbTagClouds, a unique combination of freshly updated, fast selling products are featured in a brand new tag cloud.

Works perfectly with WordPress and Blogger, and you can use CB TagClouds on every website and blog that you own without any restriction.
– they can also be used in multiple locations within the same page.



CB Tag Clouds can be used with AdSense – it will not interfere with Google’s advertising platform.
All pages will open in a new window, keeping your page open in the browser – this is  very important to any marketer.

I only wish there was control over the exact programs it chooses within a category, rather than limiting it to categories only – but “it’s all good”.

CB Tag Clouds Example


Everyone – very easy to use and can benefit anyone



Only basic instruction – but it’s so simple to use there should not be a problem



$47 yearly
… does need to be renewed every year, or half of the clicks will be taken back by CB Tag Clouds



Full 60 day Unconditional Money-back Guarantee



Definitely worth the try!

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