Bring The Fresh (BTF) revolves around website building software for the beginner.


Bring The Fresh


It includes training that the new marketer needs to build an at home business, money making site without the computer knowledge or marketing skills –  experience not necessary!

Overall Ranking:  6 out of 10
Price:  $7 trial – $89 for lifetime (+ lots of upsells)
Owners:  Kelly Felix





Bring The Fresh is a software website building tool that also includes in-depth training on how to build and grow your online business.

Kelly Felix and Mike Long founded BTF in 2012. In the early part of 2013 they split up, and only Kelly Felix was left to run the operations. This program has changed many times since it was started in 2012 – It started out as a membership site and has now changed to a one time fee, but with lots of unecessary up-sells.

The software is supposed to be designed and automated to do everything for you, simply and quickly. It is  constantly updated and timed to coincide with changes within Google –  … this prevents the information from growing stale and under-performing.

They also offer other products after joining to further your success.





Updated in a timely fashion
Easy to start with a Step-by-Step Website Builder
A Fast Start Guide that’s easy and does have some good tips in it tips
Money Back Guarantee


No free trial – but there is a 7 day trial period
There are an awful lot of “upsells”

Here are some examples of the up sells they will try to get you to buy.

Paid Tools and Mentoring:

  • Back Link Packages
  • Link Builders
  • Traffic Generator Software
  • Article Spinners
  • Pre-made Websites
  • Mentoring Package

You can get all the help and support you need here and get started FREE – to pay thousands of dollars for help and support at Bring The Fresh? YIKES!



Kelly Felix - Bring the Fresh
Primarily for the Beginner, with some advanced training




… and Video Training



$7 trial – $89 for lifetime

(+ lots of upsells)



Customer Service page and Forum

Knowledge Base and FAQs
Trial Period and a 100% Money Back Guarantee



I am going to put this one in the “Ugly” Category

I absolutely hate scammy tactics of any kind, but the upsells really got to me.

The upsells listed above are not only annoying, they are in my opinion downright BAD Tactics, and should not be used if you want a long-term successful web business!

… having said that, there is some good information on there – just keep your eyes open and don’t fall for their high ticket items.


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